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By Ioana Danciu
hello guys!i am a 3rd year architecture student and i have just started using archicad(archicad 20) for a few days.
i have some troubles: mistake i closed the south elevation viewport and i dont know how to create another viewport with that elevation
2.i cant select doors and windows...why? can i add glass or timber to a window? can i create other viewports with the upper floors?
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By Lingwisyer
If the elevation is listed in the View Map you should just be able to go to your layout and use the Drawing Tool to place an internal view. The bounds of this should be able to be stretched as desired. If your drawing is still clipping floors off once stretch, your elevation/section probably has a bottom/top bounds set which can be modified in their relevant settings.

Regarding the doors and windows, you can change the materials used under Model Attributes within the object settings. When selecting them, cursor over the corners or the centre of the object as that is generally where you'll find a hotspot. Clicking on door swings works too. If when clicking the corners you end up picking a wall, instead cursor over the corner then hit Tab to cycle through objects under your cursor until the one you want is highlighted.