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By medorsey
I have downloaded the ARCHICAD 20 from the ... l/AC20/USA link, but it does not show up in my account and therefore does not give me a serial number to use. How do I go about obtaining this serial number for my educational license.

I have tired clicking "continue on registration page" but all it does is take me to and ARCHICAD 20 still does not show up in my list of products.
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By Barry Kelly
Archicad 20 is 2 versions old now.
Is there any reason why you want this version specifically.
Can you download 22 from MyArchicad?
I think MyArchicad only offers the last two versions for download - unless you have downloaded them previously and they will be in your list.

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By Lingwisyer
Other than them not providing licences for the older versions, have you actually registered for an educational licence? If not, you can request an educational licence through MyArchiCAD (I think... it has been a while...). Were you provided with that link from your school? Maybe they manage their own licences?

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By Barry Kelly
Was there an error message to say what happened?
All I can suggest is to try again.
Sometimes using a different browser can help.