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By timg
I have just placed a tile fill within my bathroom but the tile pattern is visible on the bathroom objects (bath, basin, WC). In my ArchiCAD exercise book it says
"you can place a rectangular fill across the entire floor as the bathroom objects will block out the fill as they have a white background"
....but the objects didn't block out the fill. How do I do this?
There could be a few solutions to your problem.

If you are not seeing any white solid fills at all then it could be your Graphics Overrides.
Try choosing a different one or there should be one that says "No Overrides".
Or it could be transparency has been set in Trace & Reference - but lets try the GO first.

If your plumbing fixtures do have a white fill then it could be display order - but fills will go behind objects by default so I doubt this is the problem.
You can select elements and adjust the display order forwards or backwards in relation to other elements - it will not affect there 3D position.