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I have a problem that in my 3D visualisation the beam i draw dont goes into the path.

there is another line (blue in the attachment) wich sticks to the path i drew but the beam itself keep far away.

Do someone have already face this problem ?

thank you
Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 13.03.50.png
Is this a complex profile beam?
Either an existing one or one you have created.

If so then in the profile editor you will probably find the the fill for the beam is not on the origin (x).
The origin will become the reference line for the beam - the blue line you are seeing.

Hy Barry,

thanks for the response,
By modificate the fill in the profile editor, you mean in the infobox or in the profile manager? I don't find any fill option.

This problem only occur with this beam that I've created as a complex profile yes, i'll try the make another one.

Thank you
I meant to edit the position of the file (profile) in relation to the origin (x) in the Profile Manager.