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I don't have a solution to your question, but I did recently create a Mesh in ARCHICAD (21) from a Civil3D TIN.

I requested a LandXML file from my Civil consultant that looked like this:
LandXML Capture.PNG
LandXML Capture.PNG (85.94 KiB) Viewed 3123 times

I opened that file in Excel and used the Data Connection to create a table with only the X, Y, and Z data of each point (not Breaklines).

I then saved this in a TXT file of comma separated values, that looks like this:
CSV Points Capture.PNG
CSV Points Capture.PNG (20.04 KiB) Viewed 3123 times

Then in ARCHICAD I used the File > Interoperability > Place Mesh from Surveyors Data... and selected the above TXT file to create the mesh in ARCHICAD (check your tool default layers and settings).