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I've been teaching Archicad for several years now. MEP Modeler was part of my course up until version 20.

This week, I'm picking it up again in a specific post-graduate programme, but I don't find any download link anymore on
Downloading it directly through the Archicad Add-ons page, results in a working installation, BUT with a "demo" license (so not educational, as is the case for Archicad itself).

So far I haven't noticed any limitations in use - are there limitations?

Why is it no longer shown on Because I 'skipped' version 21?

I asked around, and they tell me, that it should still be displayed there (unless there are some regional restrictions). If you send me the e-mail address you registered with through a Private Message, we can look into the system and see what is displayed for you and why.

But regardless, educational licenses should include the license to every add-on including MEP. ARCHICAD shouldn't start in demo mode by default. First it looks for a license, but if it can't find any, it will offer you to enter a license code or start in demo mode. At this point you should enter your edu license information and it should start.

If you start with a license that doesn't include MEP, it won't start in demo mode, it will start properly, only the MEP features will not work. So my guess is that your edu license just got deleted from your computer somehow (or they were never activated).

PS. The limitation of demo mode is that you cannot save or join teamwork projects. Other than that everything should work as usual.

Cadimage Tools can be used free of charge on the educational versions of ARCHICAD. These can be installed through the Cadimage Installer, but I think you need to register somewhere. That's not my area of expertise so I'll get someone else from CI to point you in the right direction.