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By Paopao
Hi guys,
I wonder if I can get anyhelp: All of a suddent my model has started acting straneg: walls have become ruined and transparents in places. There is a jpeg of the walls and what I mean. Anyone can tell mehow o fix this problem, please? It is a fairly complicated 3D model of a chursh in Venice Ihave been working on for the last few days. Only the walls are displayed. I wonder if I can fix it without rebuilding the walls.

wall.JPG (147.37 KiB) Viewed 715 times
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By runxel
Could have multiple reasons:
• modeled far away from the origin point
• old GPU drivers
• bad model elements (like zero height walls)
• accidentally elements copied in place

Pretty sure its one of these.
Divide and conquer also helps in most of this cases.
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By Paopao
In the end I used the walls from a backup file :)