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By Andres Greco
I used the student's version during my graduation. I made a good templete, but now I want to convert this template to the professional version, all my favorites, master sheets, pens, compositions, keyboard shortcuts and also my workflow, shortcut positions. How to do this in an easy way? :?: :?:
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By Christophe Fortineau
Hello Andres Greco,

I do not use this kind of version but if I should I'll try by the attributes manager into Option menu.
I think it's not possible cause Student's version is made to study not to create your own tools. :?
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By Jarrod Phillips
Hello Andres,

Christophe is correct. You should be able to export all of the attributes that you created in your template file using the attribute manager (you can find this under: options > element attributes > attribute manager), regardless if they were created in a student version or not.

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By Lingwisyer
You should also be able to export your Work Environment, which includes all of your toolbars and shortcuts. You are out of luck on your Sheets though.