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By Paopao
Hi guys,
I have to make an inclined slab. As I can understand I can use the roof pitch tool but what abot the itersection with walls? If I use the Connect command I cut the upper part: how do I cut the bottom part without trasforming the wall into a morph?

Here it is. I awould like to retain the characteristics of the wall because I will have to fix doors, walls, etc...Is it possible without a morph? I want to keep the upper part of the walls.

Immagine 2020-11-04 185650.png
Immagine 2020-11-04 185650.png (66.02 KiB) Viewed 304 times
Thanks about this picture !

You are able to connect wall with shell or roof by this way :
Right clic after selecting roof and wall and clic on "single-pan roof connection"
It is possible to connect shell/roof with wall/curtain wall too !