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By mustafaakgure

I am quietly new on this platform. I need help to create custom add-on for Archicad, where should I start?
Is there anyone who can give some tips?

By mustafaakgure
For instance, I need to calculate the sunlight amount of the room according to room size. If it doesn't fit the standards, I need the show information message. The point is that I need your help, how I can create an add-on or goodies and load it to ArchiCad. Finding documents about it on the internet seems impossible :D. I don't know where I should start. Is there anything that you can share?
By Braza
You can find information about API here.
You can also ask for help on the Developer Forum session.
Hope that helps.
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By poco2013
If all your interested in, is the calculation of minimum compliance with the minimum window area for a Room/Zone. I would just use a expression property with the zone(s).

Much simpler and no registration required.

If you need to calculate the daylight factor, many regulators will accept a simplified formula of:

DF = 0.1 * (window area/room area (zone)) * 100 usually greater than 2%. Also can be calculated on a zone basis with a expression property.

You could also create a pass/fail property for each zone using a expression property.
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By Ralph Wessel
Click the item ARCHICAD API under the Useful links menu above (which should take you to

You will need to sign in with your GRAPHISOFT ID and then register as an API developer. The API dev-kit and documentation is available from that site.
By mustafaakgure
ok guys, thanks for replying the question. But I need to get some extra documents that I can find in another sites except from arcihad, bim official websites. Something like video or code samples.
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By Ralph Wessel
The GRAPHISOFT developer site includes example projects and code. I don't think you'll find videos anywhere.
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By Ralph Wessel
All example projects and source code are bundled with the API Development Kit.