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By scandi
Hi, guys.

I am trying to make the add-on do something when the sight change. I look into the SDK and find class ISightObserver may relate with my requirement. Could you please help me use it? Is there any sample?

Thanks in advance.
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By Kristian Bursell
is Shawn Hopkins (BIM Bakery) on this forum? They had a sight observer tool for stadiums, hence he may be able to help you.
By scandi
I have solved it. Here is my code (maybe someone will find it helpful):
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class MySightObserver: public Modeler::ISightObserver {

	Modeler::Camera cam;
	void CameraChanged(const Modeler::Camera&);

MySightObserver mso;

MySight::MySight(Modeler::Sight *sig){
	mysight = sig;
	myobserver = &mso;
	((MySightObserver*)myobserver)->cam = sig->GetCamera();

void MySightObserver::CameraChanged(const Modeler::Camera& newCamera) {
	if (!newCamera.IsNear(cam)) {
              /*Your code here*/

PS: You need to fetch the Modeler::Sight (see my another post) and create an instance of MySightObserver.