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By Nayan
I have developed an Add-on. While I have used
ARCHICAD 24 3008 INT TRIAL (Trial version)
API Development Kit 24.3009
and VS2017 (CMake Build)

I have successfully build the code and got the .apx file. I can load the Add-on perfectly in my machine and it works fine.
But when I try to load it in my user's machine it shows error stating "The file is an outdated Add-on that cannot be used with this ARCHICAD version". Can anyone kindly help me understand the issue?

N.B. User is using ARCHICAD 24 3008 FULL and also for Developer ID I'm using the educational license.
Issue.png (104.22 KiB) Viewed 95 times
By Nayan
Resolved my issue.
When I was trying to build the project in Debug mode there was some problem with the "ACAP_STATD.lib".
But after that I build it in Release mode that added the "ACAP_STAT.lib" and it works fine now.
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