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How would I call a "complete operation" from an add-on?
It can't be called from an undoable context and it can't be called from a non-undoable context ... and I don't understand what other options remain.
(This was also asked on April 27th ... WHEN/HOW TO CALL COMPLETE OPERATIONS? ... but there are no answers.)

In particular Do_QuitID is documented as a "complete operation". And "Not for public usage.".

Is it possible to use this API in a private IntegrationTestRunner-AddOn? (Or to simplify self-updates of a running add-on?) Or should I find other ways to automate a shutdown? (E.g. calling osascript 'quit app "ARCHICAD"' after a sleep works well on MacOS. But I'd prefer an official platform-independent API if I can figure out how to call it.)

Kind regards, Paul