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By Lk_
I'm trying to upgrade my existing add-on project to the newest API version but I'm getting some compilation errors.
The project originates from API 23 and I already have it upgraded to 24 by simply creating new build config and adjusting all the paths. I tried to do the same for API 25.
Also, I need to keep older versions for maintenance reasons.

The error I'm getting says:
Error C3668 'TE::FontFamily::GetClassInfo': method with override specifier 'override' did not override any base class methods ..\API Development Kit 25.3002\Support\Modules\TextEngine\FontFamily.hpp 42

These are the things I already rectified so far:
- added path to '../Modules/RS' headers and RSImp.lib (not sure if this is needed),
- removed references to utf8header.h which is no longer included with the SDK.

What do I do next?