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Discussions about using GRAPHISOFT's tools (API DevKit) for independent software developers

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founded this addon at Github. Still on very early stage, but hey, let's see what is coming...

PauperTools is a bridge-based plug-in developed specifically for Archicad architectural design software that allows developers to re-engineer Archicad architectural design software using the Python development language. Let the developers or users of Archicad escape from the abyss of C/C++.
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Try Rhino Python

Rhino Python has a translator +/- that will generate python scripts that can be used with just about any program and file format. IFC for example.

If your going to generate python scripts Rhino is a great way to do it.

The python script I am most interested in just now is for use with pen settings. How to convert the default pens the library parts come with match my standard pen set. I am tired of changing all pens for all library parts I use. I saw somewhere here on the ArchiCAD Talk forum that someone is working on a python script to help with this process. I hope it is working very well now. ?
my AC23 (3003) and Python version is 3.7.4 and it doesn't work... do you think it is because of the Python 3.7.4?


For them who will have the same issue: It is very important to have Python 3.7.3. Just Uninstall other versions and install Python 3.7.3 and everything will work.
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