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Discussions about using GRAPHISOFT's tools (API DevKit) for independent software developers

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Akos Somorjai wrote:
Wed Aug 07, 2019 1:49 pm
No, it's not :)

And the answer is: not officially, but you can experiment with it by installing the PythonSnippets add-on.

We'll provide the version which works with the final build, and we may update it as well as time passes.

Best, Akos

As a early user of the Python Experiment, I recognize the importance of this tool in Archicad. But frankly I don’t like the direction its development is seeming to take now.

It seems to have fallen into the same odd category of: the list schedules, wall framing and other goodies that were never fully developed to their full potential. Never developed until more usage was shown and not used because of limited development. Basically the “the chicken or the egg”.

The causal user may not appreciate the power and productivity of the Archicad C++ API. It is, however, the most complex and convoluted API that I have ever seen.

The Python experiment solves those problems-times ten. It's obvious the developers recognized previous problem areas and have smartly alleviated the “road blocks” through the clever use of the Python Dictionaries. This puts the whole potential of the API features within the understanding and capability of the typical office director or even the single owner as a logical tool. IOW, It greatly expands the capability of Archicad for the Architect’s office and allows us to offer more services to our clients with little extra effort.

The knowledgeable developers of Archicad seem to have set a course of developing a tool of maximum convenience while maintaining access to most of the programs capability.


Without user support, it is also obvious that it may be years before its full potential could be realized to any useful value , if ever– again the “ Chicken/Egg scenario”. Leaving another great idea to die in Archicad.
IMNOHO, if you want to see this feature developed, as it should be, a massive show of user support is needed now. We must advise Graphisoft’s management of OUR support. I‘m suggesting that more than one/two users interest need be shown.

You can best show support by adding your comments here or by directly communicating your thoughts to your local supplier.

A sub-topic here, whereby, users could comment, ask questions, demonstrate applications and trade snippets would be most helpful.
This sounds more than interesting and I just hope that this is developed with a view to help AC users to develop the software in directions that suit their businesses and clients. The old fashioned idea that 'one size fits all' is just not applicable in the modern world.

I would love AC to open up its API more broadly to allow users to develop aspects that have been neglected over the years or areas that can provide true efficiencies. I can only see this as being of benefit to GS.

How about creating an 'add-on marketplace' where new tools can be supplied to users through an official GS channel? Surely there is money to be made for GS in taking a % of sales.

Allow the users to direct the software development by which add-ons they buy. This will then highlight the aspects of AC that users feel need new solutions applied. They don't have to be huge add-ons just little tweaks here and there to increase usability of the software.

Hopefully the adoption of Python will open the door to a larger array of productive add-ons.
I have to agree totally with poco2013 and have the same fears...
I am a fan of thoughtful, cautious development, BUT at this speed we will lose a lot...

BIM has already spread and the next and IMPORTANT step to exploiting the benefits that BIM brings is AUTOMATION. - Only then will BIM make economic sense.
Development intervals of 1 year are insanity - that is lethargic "old economy".

I look after / consult several large companies or groups (5000+ employees, 100+ locations, 50+ states) during system conversion / integration of "BIM" into existing and current IT systems and processes...

In these environments, Autodesk is present in all areas, because it can be extended with almost any programming language - if a function is needed, I can program it easily and cheaply - have to use C / C ++, this is much more complicated and expensive.

If we (actually Graphisoft) are not finally accelerating in the area of ​​automation, "simpler but stronger API", data import and export using 'scripts' (parameters, properties, ...), we will lose our current leadership position in CAAD BIM software...

Think of automation in ARCHICAD at night, I can't sleep anymore ...

Best regards from Vienna,
leceta wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:49 pm
Am I missing something or an updated python addon will be uploaded (shortly)?
Hi leceta,

The updated python Add-On should be compatible with any ARCHICAD 23 versions (build number higher than 3000).
Please note, that Python 3.7 must be installed to your machine. Are you sure you have it?
Make sure it's added to your PATH environment variable. You can check it by starting a Command Prompt and type in: python
By default Python 3.7 was installed to this path: c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\

Quote from the documentation:
ARCHICAD searches for python at your computer. On macOS it searchs at the following fixed path: /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions.
On Windows platform it uses PATH environment variable, so please add the path to the installed python to your PATH environment variable.
You can download Python installer for free from the official site of Python:
Download Python 3.7 installer for macOS: ... sx10.9.pkg
Download Python 3.7 installer for Windows: ... -amd64.exe
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