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By poco2013
Just installed the Archicad 23 API. tried using the Addonadmin manager and got the following error: Any fix available?
Admin error.PNG
Admin error.PNG (9.23 KiB) Viewed 414 times
On Windows 10
By dushyant
I get the same error, on windows 10. Further I get the similar errors for the following too:
AlgMath.dll was not found
WPFWrappers.dll was not found

What's wrong? How to fix this?
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By Tibor Lorántfy
Dear Developers,

The DevKit 23 does not contain all of the dependency of the AddOnAdmin.exe.
We decided to not put into the DevKit those missing libraries because that way the size of the DevKit would be more than 300 MB and those missing libraries can be found in an installed ARCHICAD.

So to run the AddOnAdmin.exe, please copy the content of the "AddOn Management" folder to your installed ARCHICAD folder (make sure that AddOnAdmin.exe is placed next to the ARCHICAD.exe, in the same folder).

We are planning to move the functionality of the AddOnAdmin application to our API Site ( The development is still in progress. As soon as it finishes the AddOnAdmin application won't be part of the DevKit.
That way you will be able to generate new identifiers for your Add-Ons and check your existing Add-Ons at our site without any external application.
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By poco2013
Thanks for the info but I think I am still doing something wrong. I copied the contends of the add on manager to to the Archicad directory but when I run the exe it only creates a rpt file??
Add on manager.PNG
Add on manager.PNG (5.72 KiB) Viewed 303 times
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By Tibor Lorántfy
poco2013 wrote:...but when I run the exe it only creates a rpt file??
Could you send that .rpt file to us in email to please?

Meanwhile please use the AddOnAdmin application from the previous API Development Kits (version 21 or 22 for example), the latest AddOnAdmin version does not contain any new features.
By dushyant
Thanks Tibor. AddOnAdmin now runs for me.
It looks like all the files from the AddOnManagement directory need NOT be copied to the Archicad23 directory, as most of them already exist there.
I just copied:
AddOnAdmin.exe.mui from AddOnManagement/en to ARCHICAD 23/en
AddOnAdmin.exe from AddOnManagement to ARCHICAD 23
Then running AddOnAdmin.exe from ARCHICAD 23 directory starts the Add-On Management tool.
Thanks for the update on the development of AddOn Management.