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I installed the Archicad 23 API package and also checked the box for the installation of the Visual Studio template. But i can not find the template. It is not located under the Support folder. Any ideas on how to get it?

On windows 10 with Visual Studio Community 2017
Hi Gerry,

The template will be installed directly into the Visual Studio. So it will be placed into your VS templates folder, by default:
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<user documents>\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C++ Project
You should find the file here.

Yes, it's a zip and that's correct, Visual Studio will unpack it at runtime and it will be listed in the C++ project templates in the "New Project" dialog:
Please note that you can install not only Template Project for Visual Studio, but there is an option to install Debugger Visualizers too.

Those Debugger Visualizers will be installed directly to your Visual Studio's Visualizers folder also:
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<user documents>\Visual Studio 2017\Visualizers

Thanks to those visualizers you will be able to debug the content of objects with type GS::UniString, IO::Location and many others.
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