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By DevJeer
I want to save current view in my created folder.
Howerver I create it by ACAPI_Navigator, the error is "The passed parameters are inconsistent".
My code is :
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        API_NavigatorItem saveItem;
	BNZeroMemory(&saveItem, sizeof(API_NavigatorItem));
	saveItem.customName = true;
	strcpy_s(, folderName.ToCStr().Get());

	saveItem.itemType = API_StoryNavItem;
	saveItem.mapId = API_PublicViewMap;

	API_NavigatorView saveView;
	BNZeroMemory(&saveView, sizeof(API_NavigatorView));
        GS::Guid parentAndChild[2]
	parentAndChild[0] = APIGuid2GSGuid(guid);// Folder guid
	parentAndChild[1] = APIGuid2GSGuid(APINULLGuid);
	err = ACAPI_Navigator(APINavigator_NewNavigatorViewID, &saveItem,&saveView,parentAndChild);