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By Martin Walter
For performance reasons I would like to add binary 3D data instead of scripted 3D data in the section API_Sect3DScript to a libraray part. The section API_Sect3DBinData seems to be what I need. But how can I use it?
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By akomporday
You can update a libpart section using ACAPI_LibPart_UpdateSection.
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API_LibPart			libPart = {};
API_LibPartSection 	section = {};
GSHandle			sectionHdl = nullptr;
libPart.typeID = APILib_ObjectID;
libpart.index = someLibPartIndex;
libPart.docu_UName = "MyLibPart";
section.sectType = API_Sect3DBinData;
section.subIdent = APISubIdent_Any;
err = ACAPI_LibPart_UpdateSection( libPart.index, &section, sect3DBinaryHandle, nullptr );
where sect3DBinaryHandle is a handle to your binary data.

For more info, see: ... ateSection