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By poco2013
I am writing a Add-On to just place a NCS Indicator Label. Unfortunately the code will only place the default label and ignores anything else. I can't figure this out because, using the exact same code, -- just changinge the type ,index, guid etc. it works perfectly well for library Parts.I demo this in the attached private video. Element Test is no help since it only demos using the GetDefault to place a label . i need to override the default and select a non-default label as i do for a Library Part.

Attached is the demo video and my code for placing NCS Indicator label
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 static GS::ErrCode Do_CreateNCS(API_Coord c) {

		keyParams keys;
		GS::UniString name("NCS Indicator 24");
		API_LibPart libPart;
		API_Element          element;
		API_ElementMemo      memo;
		API_AddParType   **addPars = nullptr;
		API_Guid nn;
		double a, b;
		Int32 addParNum;
		GS::ErrCode err;

		BNZeroMemory(&libPart, sizeof(API_LibPart));
		BNZeroMemory(&element, sizeof(API_Element));
		BNZeroMemory(&memo, sizeof(API_ElementMemo));

		GS::ucscpy(libPart.docu_UName, name.ToUStr());
		//         "DB8C3EE - 4019 - 46C8 - 91D0 - 7A8DE0A5EC6D"  - NCS guid
		err = ACAPI_LibPart_Search(&libPart, false);
		if (err == NoError) {
			ACAPI_WriteReport(" Lib Part index %d", true,libPart.index);
		else {
			ACAPI_WriteReport(" Did Not Find Lib Part", true);
			return err;
		if (libPart.location != nullptr)
			delete libPart.location;
		element.label.labelClass = APILblClass_Symbol;
		element.label.parent = APINULLGuid;
		API_Coord xx;
		xx.x = 0;
		xx.y = 0;
		element.label.begC = xx;
		element.label.midC.x = xx.x + 1.0;
		element.label.midC.y = xx.y + 0.5;
		element.label.endC.x = xx.x + 3.0;
		element.label.endC.y = xx.y + 0.5;

		  GS::Guid buf("BDB8C3EE - 4019 - 46C8 - 91D0 - 7A8DE0A5EC6D");// NCS Indicator Guid
		element.label.u.head.guid = GSGuid2APIGuid(buf);
		element.header.typeID = API_LabelID; //ElementTypeID
		element.header.variationID = APIVarId_LabelSymb;
		element.label.parent = APINULLGuid;
		element.label.u.symbol.libInd= libPart.index; //library part index;
		element.header.hasMemo = true;
		err = ACAPI_Element_GetDefaults(&element, &memo);
		if (err == NOERROR) {
			GS::Guid gs(APIGuid2GSGuid(element.label.u.head.guid));
			char hold[254] = {};
			ACAPI_WriteReport("Label GUID  %s ", true, hold);
	// label guid -- should be the same as NCS Indicator Guid but is reset to 0 by GetDefault?
		API_StoryInfo storyInfo;
		BNZeroMemory(&storyInfo, sizeof(API_StoryInfo));
		err = ACAPI_Environment(APIEnv_GetStorySettingsID, &storyInfo, nullptr);
		//element.object.libInd = libPart.index; //library part index;
		element.header.floorInd = storyInfo.actStory;
		element.object.level = 0; //height from the floor
		element.object.pos.x = c.x + .25; //End of Arrow
		element.object.pos.y = c.y;
		element.object.angle = 1; //element angle
		BMKillHandle((GSHandle *)&;
		//err = ACAPI_LibPart_GetParams(libPart.index, &a, &b, &addParNum, &addPars);
		UInt32 totalParams = BMGetHandleSize((GSConstHandle)addPars) / (UInt32)sizeof(API_AddParType);
		// totalParams redundant but retain for future use
		//memo.params = addPars;
		err = ACAPI_CallUndoableCommand("NCS Test API Function",
			[&]() -> GSErrCode {
			err = ACAPI_Element_Create(&element, &memo);
			return err;
		if (err)
			ACAPI_WriteReport("Create Error %s ", true, ErrID_To_Name(err));
		return NOERROR;
Thanks for any help -- I hope this isn't a bug??