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By toman311
I would like an option to see how many items are on a layer.

I run into situations where I add something new after the project is almost complete and I add that new something to a layer. I am a little worried at just turning the layer off in other plan views because I am afraid that maybe I have put something else on that layer. For example, I put something new in the floor plan view and I want to hide it in the site plan view. The problem is that I don't know what else is on that layer, so I am afraid that I am turning something off in my other views (like the Site Plan view in the example above). This becomes a a problem when I am almost done with the project because I have already checked it once and I'm afraid I might turn something small and hardly noticeable by turning off the layer of where I put the new item.

This request to have the ability to see how many items are on a layer is something that I think could be useful and will give a piece-of-mind to anyone working on their ArchiCAD project at some point in the project process.
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By Barry Kelly
You can turn off all layers except that one so you can see exactly what is on it.
The Quick Layers palette gives you a quick way of doing this.

Then if you really want to then just Select All (CTRL+A) and in the top of the Info Box it will say how many elements are selected.

By toman311
Silly me. Thanks Barry!
By DGSketcher
As an alternative to hiding layers, create and save a Find & Select with Element Type as "All Types" and "Layer" as a search parameter. You can then select the required layer in the search parameter and hit the "+" to select everything on that layer. The bottom left of the Find & Select window then reports selected & editable items.

To go a stage further, once you have selected everything on the layer use Edit Selection Set (Cmd-Alt-T on Mac) and the bottom part of the window will list how many of each type of element you have selected.
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By Link
Sounds like you need to fine tune your layer combos. Are you assigning those to your views?

By toman311
I really don't use Layer Combinations except in one case, which this makes 3D modeling easier. I fell out of the habit of putting everything in Layer Combinations because nobody in my office does that; so, if they mess with a project, the Layer Combinations always get broken.

How does Layer Combinations help in this situation? I haven't used them in so long.
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By Link
Assigning dedicated layer combos to your views will give you the flexibility and predictability you’re looking for. IMO they should be set for every view. If you need to change them just update them. That way they won’t get broken. Of course you’ll need some sort of decent layer management for it to work, but that’s a given.