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By Bricklyne Clarence
I've never posted in the wish section before (certainly not recently), since I generally believe the developers don't pay that much attention to what goes on here.

But I thought I'd just ask (even though I likewise don't realistically expect an answer),

Is there any chance that Archicad my get (TRUE) multi-monitor support like it seems Revit will be getting in their upcoming version:


This follows the most recent versions of Vectorwors (2018) and also Allplan for quite some time (since 2015) all having multi=monitor support, would have thought would be a no-brainer for a graphics-related, CAD/BIm design program and with the proliferation of really powerful graphics cards and GPU's nowadays.

I asked about this some time back, and no response, and I swear if I didn't know better, I would think that Revit developers read Graphisoft forums and then get features to improve or add, from the requests that people make here.
By Brett Brown
Hi Bricklyne, Are you using Windows? On a Mac we have multi montor support. Check the Reference guide of the version you are using. In 20, only available for Mac, not Windows. Don't know about 21.
By Bricklyne Clarence
I'm on Windows and it's not available (as in TRUE multi-monitor support and not just stretching a window across two monitors) in any version as far as I can tell (I'm on the latest version).
And this has been a major request going several years back now, so it would be a little disappointing (and annoying but ultimately not surprising) to learn that they implemented it already on the Mac side for a while already.

What makes it even harder to understand why this would be a low priority wishlist item for them to implement is that currently pretty much all their rivals and alternative programs out there (Revit, Allplan, Vectorworks, Microstation) ALL have multi-monitor support. Especially now with Revit adding it to their latest version.

It's a no-brainer (or at least it should be) for the type of industry we are and how we work in a visual medium and in a visual way of thinking, and given where graphics card and GPU technology are today.

It boggles my mind sometimes why they drag their feet on implementing features such as this
By Brett Brown
Archcad 21 Help, page 352, undock Tab and drag to second monitor, Mac only. Still doesn't work like Revit, which continually updates all open windows without the user doing anything. We have to click in each window for it to update.

One of many basic glaring omissions we still haven't got

Only a couple of weeks to wait to see if any have been implemented in 22
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By Matjaz
Don't expect it in 22, but there are rumors that it could come in next version. It's on dev radar :D
By Bricklyne Clarence
Yes, I didn't expect it in version 22.
(to be honest, I didn't even expect it in version 23 next year).

But it's important that its at least somewhere on their roadmap, since it's something they have unforgiveably dragged their legs on (to the extent that they're now the only ones in the market that don't spot this feature).

Made even more worse by the realisation that they already implemented it, but only on the Mac side and for two versions already.
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By daviiiiidave
Hey Guys,

i think this option is the most important thing for Archicad v23.

But dont praise it to much cause it should be a standard option.

Its like the full screen mode of apple. long time ago there was no full screen mode. then they implemented it and made a big thing of it.

I think in the most offices people work with 2 or more screens. Make it happen GS.

I think with this option it could be possible to have 4 Views (Top, Side, 3D and Cut) like in cinema, rhino or blender next to each other.