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By Lukas Orihel
Hi. I guess this is not a new wish but that only justifies the importance of a search function. I was very pleased when the search bar was introduced for the element properties and hoped that it will be implemented everywhere for the new versions of Archicad. Unfortunately not yet in AC21.

So my question is: Is it planned in the future to implement the search function for the whole user interface?

I am sure I am not the only one who is facing this struggle everyday like.
Scrolling throughout the layers for almost a minute just trying to find the one I need. (working with AC SWE where the standard layer set includes more than 200 layers with a hieroglyphic code at the beginning). The same goes for the surfaces, views, layouts, graphic overrides...and many many more.

AC was always about making things more efficient, easier and faster and that is why this issue is important. Because spending 10% of the working time just scrolling is not necessary.
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By Karl Ottenstein
It would help if you said what OS you are using. I'm guessing Windows, since MacOS has a lot of built-in search capabilities for the lists that you mention...?
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By Barry Kelly
In Windows you can type the first letter of the layer you want and it will highlight the first in the list starting with that letter.
If you are quick you can type more than the first letter.

Just make sure if you are in the layer settings dialogue that your cursor is not actually in one of the text fields otherwise you will simply edit that field.

This may work in other lists as well.

By Lukas Orihel
Yes I am talking about windows.

I know I can type the first letter but all the layers start with a code for example like: A-01SF--E-- Slab so it makes it useless unfortunately.
Same problem for the views, layouts, surfaces..
Often the keyword is not the first word that is why some more sophisticated search would be very helpful.
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By giza
This would be very useful for searching views in View Map and layouts in Layout book as sometimes the list can be long and organised in folders it would be great if we could have this feature
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By LaszloNagy
I just tried to place some commands on the menu in the Work Environment Dialog. It would be great if we could also search there for commands because now there are hundreds of them.