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Visual appeal, Interactions (Navigate, Select, Edit, Input), User Interface Components...

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I think the GDL editor has become quite outdated. Nemetcheck borrowed gdl editor used for its smartpart looks much better. I would propose an easier writing in the gdl editor with commands indicators and color highliting, such as nemetcheck allplan. Or simple interface improvements as in notepad ++, codeblocks ... etc.

Allplan smartpart interface.jpg
Smartpart editor Nemetcheck allplan. It has line numbering, hints for commands, style color for classic comands, information of parameter of command at the base of the editor.
A experiment I've made in notepad++, I've created a style language which folds commands, if operations, transformations etc....

I think such improvements for the gdl editor would be very good.
Could you please share the language style for Notepad ++. This would be great for the moment.

+1 GDL for editor improvements.