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Visual appeal, Interactions (Navigate, Select, Edit, Input), User Interface Components...

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By derekjackson
Hi, in some large projects we can end with 40+ worksheets, referencing all sorts of info in our Project Map. Our lists of details and sections can become equally heavy.

It would be really helpful to be able to group them, or organise them in subfolders much like you can do in the View Map or Layout Book.
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By Aaron Bourgoin
IMHO, the project map is simply an inventory of working windows and would not be folderized. They have no intrinsic view settings and so are just an index of the workspaces you've created. Try devising a scheme to index them via their Reference IDs. Sections Elevations, detail and worksheets will sort via their RefID.

We need folder Structures to be sure but GS would be better serving us by incorporating them in places like the Complex Profile Manager and the Layer Manager.
By skawagon
This would make things much more tidy for me as we rutinelly have number of worksheets for xrefs, export fo professions, situation drawings with Xrefs and so on and on. Most of all this would be useful for organising tables or spreadsheets or how the hell are those called in the international version.