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Is there a list somewhere that shows what all the ArchiCad fonts actually look like?

I've never understood why so many programs give you a list of fonts, but don't show you what the font looks like. This makes the search for a font an incredibly laborious task of trying each font separately.
None of them are "ArchiCAD fonts"... they're whatever fonts are installed on your system.

On Mac, it's easy to view all fonts using the standard app Font Book ... just arrow down the fonts and watch the sample text change.

On Windows XP, there is just Fonts in Control Panel, and you have to double click each font to view it. But there are lots of shareware font viewing programs.

On Windows 7, Control Panel > Fonts will display "Abg" in each font if you select Medium, Large or Extra Large Icons as the view mode. As with XP, double clicking any font opens it in Preview to see more text as it would appear in that font.

If you have Word installed (for example), the Font drop-down in the toolbar shows the font name in the font itself, so you can choose your font there, and then use that name in ArchiCAD.

Many people pick two or three fonts and stick with them for all of their ArchiCAD projects, so there is never much of an issue with selecting the fonts for them.
This should be add to the wish list. I really wish archicad have their "preview" for the fonts. My boss didn't like the idea of using font book every time. He said Apple's pages or numbers, already have preview fonts. So why can't Archicad do the same? I can see his point. I had to create all the fonts listing as template because you guys don't design the preview fonts.

I think this one should be change to wish list for archicad. To be honest, it would be nice to have one. Just saying