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By aryastark
it's easier and smarter way than the old method.
you should make stories selectible to show.
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By DGSketcher
The "Show on Storey" settings are in need of a review due to their inconsistency and your tick box idea would in some ways be preferential, but what about those working on multi-storey developments? Archicad is used on some very tall projects! There is also added complication as to how to handle cover fills where tools have such settings.
By Braza
I understand the logic behind the wish... But I think the "Show on Storey" settings is more of an element fine tune, and therefore it must be kept as it is.
On the other hand, I think this visibility set by ViewMap is a concept that could be more useful as a Layer substitute. After all, design elements will all be shown in ViewMaps. So why not select the ViewMaps that we would like the element to appear? Looks much more simple than creating and selecting lots of Layers and LayerCombos... :?
I like this idea, though I am more for a Property Filter View Option. :wink:
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By runxel
The checkboxes have another big disadvantage:
If you copy elements at the moment, they will behave the same everywhere.
E.g. some element I always need to be "This story and above" and I actually don't have to care which story that is explicitly.
So for me it's more of a "as well" option, than a replacement.

BUT, and that is a big but, I really want to have consistency across my tools.
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By LaszloNagy
You could also type the Stories you want your element to be displayed on in a Text Input field.
For example, the below
Code: Select all
1, 3, 7, 10-40
would display the element of Stories 1, 3, 7, and all Stories from Story 10 to 40.