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The current icon to turn wireframe on and off is very difficult to differentiate at a quick glance, as opposed to the visibility icon which is easy to understand: a closed eye and an open one.
Screenshot 2021-03-26 173734.jpg
Screenshot 2021-03-26 173734.jpg (28.36 KiB) Viewed 225 times
I am not sure why the old 'coloured' icons (version 18) could not have been kept for layers.
Even then these were the 'grey' theme with the exception of the red locked layer - which I think is still better than we have now.
The solid icon actually had a grey fill to it that made it easier to see.


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A different browser worked.
old_icons.jpg (4.28 KiB) Viewed 207 times
That’s a good reminder Barry. I am glad about the UI change that came with 21 (or was it 20?), but certain good and functional elements were lost in translation. One could argue that a more unified look would be helpful too - no shading meaning on, gray shading meaning off. On/off system doesn’t really apply to the wireframe display mode, but one could argue that the ‘default’ view should be the shaded view, thus making the wireframe view the ‘off’ or non default setting.
Hi All,

Thank you very much for sharing your opinions!

I am happy to say we took notice of this wish and I have added it to our Wish List database (please refer to it as Wish #13060). Hopefully, our Product Management team will consider changing this in the future.

Thank you all once more, and I wish you a great day!

Best regards,