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Hello, i have set my favorite tools icons in a toolbar, ( Archicad 23 )
Now when migrating to archicad 24, i loose all the new commands in the menu cos the imported toobar import also the old menu wich doesn't include the new commands
please make seperate profiles for menus and toolbars

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Honestly, I do not see much chance that this wish will be implemented in the foreseeable future. The hierarchy of the Work Environment Dialog pages has not really changed since it was implemented in Archicad, and "Toolbar" and "Menu" Command Layout Schemes do belong to the same logical group.

But, I think there may be a way to achieve this with a little effort.
In the Command Layout Schemes page, you can export and import any of the Schemes. The exported data will be in XML format, which you can open in an XML-capable editor, such as Notepad++. The attached screenshot shows how the XML file will look like. I have collapsed the hierarchy a bit so it is clearly visible that the individual Menu layouts and Toolbar layouts (marked with a yellow background) are all easily identifiable in the file. So all you would have to do is:

1. Save the Command Layout Scheme from both Archicad 23 and Archicad 24.
2. Open both for editing in an XML editor and collapse the CML hierarchy as it was done on the screenshot.
3. In the Archicad 23 version, select all sections that start with "Toolbar" and copy them to the Clipboard.
4. In the Archicad 24 version, delete all sections that start with "Toolbar" and paste the contents of the Clipboard in their place.
5. Save changes to the Archicad 24 version of the XML.
6. Import the changes back into Archicad 24.

Following the above steps, you would retain the Menu structure of AC24, but you would also receive the Toolbar modifications you performed in and exported from AC23. If you try it, please let me know if it was successfully, I have not tried it myself.
If it works, the same principle can be used to export and import any settings page of any scheme from/to Work Environments.

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Yes it works fine !
and to avoid problems , just copy the text inside the toolbar command , keep the header line as it is
a good thing is that in AC 24, commands are smaller, so much more space for new commands
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