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Visual appeal, Interactions (Navigate, Select, Edit, Input), User Interface Components...

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What's your opinion about this wish?

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If the wish is regarding the actual cut planes, that is something else. Cut planes where you have multiple different story structures is a nightmare. You end up needing to split everything into different views with varying FPCP then stitch them back together...

Maybe actually post what the wish is rather than having everyone try to interpret someone elses loose solution in a thread regarding a superseded module issue...

Yes. The Wish Title is quite vague.
The Split/Stitch is a good workaround. But I think we can have a better solution.
I also can see some issues with Sections. Where the Story Line would be segmented. Perhaps, each hotlink should process the FPCP individually. :?:
Anyway... I think I will wait for Minh's opinion.