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By s2art
Select elements and "copy to clipboard"
Go to a new view (with a different Layer setting)
Paste elements

If the selected elements were on a layer that is now turned off you get the warning below. You can place them on Archicad layer, create new layers, show appropriate layer or skip these elements.
Paste01.png (45.62 KiB) Viewed 684 times
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By s2art
Be able to select layer to place these elements on... image below.

I have brought this up before (a few years ago) but nothing done yet. For now I paste them to the Archicad layer, undo and redo (to select placed elements) then change to the appropriate layer, but for some reason undo / redo now takes about 10 seconds while the screen flashes a few times and my computer slowly goes thru' the steps. It would be nice to get around these extra steps.

Pasting.jpg (142.26 KiB) Viewed 679 times
I totally agree, and what I can see a very simple function to add so...
Here's yet another wish that is 10 years old and has been mentioned many times since, and pisses me off daily. Proves yet again that the wishes section is a complete waste of time, because Graphisoft doesn't listen or read them for future inclusion. Such a little thing that would save hours over a year. How many other people get annoyed with such usability omissions?
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By Braza
Yes Brett. Sometimes it makes us think if it really matters posting wishes here. :roll:
But I also think that we have to be more proactive in terms of wishes. Usually people post their wishes and forget about them. Thinking that it will immediately fall upon some developer desk. IMO AC developers want/like to see feedback from wishes. Not only vote numbers, but also people raising their opinions. When I post a wish here I always think that no one will see it. After I post a wish, I always try to keep an eye on it. And never loose an opportunity to advertise it in other posts with similar issues. This way I keep them alive and increase the chances of getting in the AC development radar.
But yes. This whole process of posting wishes needs improvements. I am pretty sure that the powers that be will someday come with a solution. :wink: