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Visual appeal, Interactions (Navigate, Select, Edit, Input), User Interface Components...

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By vfrontiers
I don't suppose it is available for MAC... (notes say Windows OS)....
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By vfrontiers

When I hit DOWNLOAD SHOW ZONE... it brings up the PLACE GUTTER downloads...
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By Masse
thank you very much, Miklos, for your nice add on

For us, some of them are essential. They correspond to our needs and expectations. We don't understand why GS don't integrate these kind of "jewels" in their new release AC 15. It 's incomprehensible
Are we alone ?

best regards
By mjkoarch
Miklos, these add-ons look great! I tried to test out the section zone names tool, but it said that my key had already expired. I had only just downloaded it. Any thoughts? I'd really like to test all of these before purchase.

Oh, and p.s....Graphisoft, these are the kind of things that should come with the program!!!
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By Masse
and 8 years later! Nothing new in the AC16 release. Congratulations GS...

"Together with ArchiCAD 16, GRAPHISOFT also delivers important ..... productivity updates."

Not this one ! And if you want copy 3D element in section view may be in 2032 :roll:
By jbArch
Can't seem to get the 'Show Zone Data' Add-On to load. I opened the zip file and inside was a file called 'ZoneName.bundle', but Archicad doesn't recognize it as an add-on.... suggestions? Would really like to try this one out.
So in 17 we still have to do this via an add-on rather than natively?