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By Hassanen
I wish we could organize Layers into folders similar to the one in Photoshop.
I think a hierarchy like that makes a lot of sense.
By Jose O
I think that there should be layer folders for the next upgrade of ArchiCAD. Something similar to what you can do in adobe illustrator. the reason being that when there a too many layers with the same extensions it get difficult to scroll through so many layers. it would be easier if one could collapse them into folder..
By Bier Designs
Hi Jose
My first teacher, long time user of AC said: "think about not having anymore layers than fit in a fully extended layer dialog box."
I only do residential remodels, commercial might be another problem.
I have been holding to that and its makes finding layers a snap!
For my screen that is up to around 55 layers, and I don't even use all that.

To reduce layers;
One concept you might consider is to use what I call false stories.
So my foundation plan is on false story -2; my roof framing plan is on say, false story 5 etc.

They are "exploded" lines/fills/etc. of items from real stories, say -1,1,2,3.
Once real objects are exploded they don't show in model view and don't cause extra stuff that needs to be excluded in schedules, and of course this reduces the need for so many layers.
Hope that helps.
By Jose O
Hello Bier,
Thank you for your reply and suggestion. I agree that keeping layers to a minimum is the best way to keep organized. Yet, in my case, i am working on an urban scale project that requires many layouts that have key plans which are linked back to the model - each view requires a frame with a unique layer. I find it easy to keep layouts organized because they are sorted into folders that collapse. I was thinking that the layers should work the same way.

Jose O
By Cary Dunn
think about not having anymore layers than fit in a fully extended layer dialog box
with all due respect that is utter nonsense. Not having an hierarchical layer structure is real detriment to the's not the way I want to work. Check out tyhe AIA layyer standard....let alone trying to use layers to manage dimendsions and notes for various views, disiplines, and scales.

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By Dom Askew
I'd definitely appreciate some additional tools to manage layers but there are some helpful tips you can utilize right now.

1. Lock hidden layers in the layer combination, then set the layer pull down menus to hide locked layers. This makes working with the layers that are relevant to the current view much easier to find.

2. The false story idea has some potential but instead of copying and exploding 3D elements it would be better to overlay live views of the model on your layout. This would save time when you make changes to the model and help ensure consistency.
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By Dennis Lee
A little off topic, but if you want to change layer of something to a LOCKED layer, you have to unselect the object and unlock that layer, and then change the layer, and then turn off / lock that layer again, right?

For this reason, I am now leaving all layers unlocked in my layer settings.
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By Karl Ottenstein

I've merged your thread into a 2004 wish with the same idea.

Be sure to vote...

By DavorP
Perhaps an old topic, but still this would be useful. Keeping your layers in order sure is a good thing, but what do you do when importing surveys or other cad into your model and want to keep their layer structure? If you could drop them into a sub folder it would keep your layers uncontaminated.