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Visual appeal, Interactions (Navigate, Select, Edit, Input), User Interface Components...

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s2art wrote:I prefer to do everything via the View Map so I know I have correct layers and settings, and have windows maximised so I can see the big picture.
Me too.
I typically have very little sense of ArchiCAD's use of separate windows. I use keyboard shortcuts to go back and forth from 2d to 3d and, with virtual trace, from 2d to elevation or section views.

The single screaming exception is drag-and-drop auto-scripting to create custom GDL objects, which I use extensively. As far as I know this can only be done with the 2d plan and GDL 3d script windows opened side by side. For this alone, I'd say multiple windows were essential.

Another thought: All my ArchiCAD habits are throw-backs to the days of 17" computer screens. A lot of teeny little multiple windows opened on an screen like that was always a joke. Old keyboard habits die hard, but as computer screens continue to expand, maybe it starts to make more sense to at least have the option to work with multiple windows open?

What's the point of the wish, exactly? Is there a sense that multiple windows are using computer resources that could be put to better use? Why limit the options?
s2art wrote:I prefer to do everything via the View Map so I know I have correct layers and settings, and have windows maximised so I can see the big picture.
Well, I don't! :wink:

I tend to work on a small area at one time, and I like to have open and be able to see the relevant views of that area to help me, typically an elevation, a section going each way, as well as the plan and 3d window perhaps.

My screen is plenty large enough to not need to use the whole area for a single view. If anything, fullscreen is a bit over the top to be honest! So I use the left half for the plan and the other half for the other views. Having to repeatedly relaunch each individual view from the navigator just to see them is not a fluid way of working for me. For a 17" screen it's maybe the only feasible way, but not a 30"! With my setup, clicking on individual windows is the most logical way of working.

I'm also not saying the windows should be displayed in a rigid grid either. I like the flexibility to resize each windows to fit the shape of the object i'm interested in, so floaty windows are fine for me.

Personally I think the question should really be "Should the multi-windowed environment be made to work more efficiently to speed up navigating between views"

Yes is the answer. To do this GS should work on these lines -

1) Any pre-opened views should automatically update in the background as you work. With multicore this is more feasible than ever.
2) When switching between views, windows should not be affected by the previous windows settings if they are open already. But a viewpoint launched from the navigator should still inherit the properties of the previous window.
3) There should be a permanently visible 'tab' system to clearly display the names of the drawings already open in the background to aid speedy navigation between open views. One click and it should come to the front for editing. When a window is closed, the tab should disappear also. The navigator should just be for organising and launching unopened views/viewpoints.

For me the above settings would really make a big difference to the usability with a big screen.
Brett Brown wrote:The question is in the heading, surely every one including Rob would say essential or not needed
So how do we vote on the proposition as stated? Is an "essential" vote affirming that the need is indeed questionable?

Sorry - being pedantic here :)
Essential and with Paul's wish implemented. How many people notice that out of 34,300 registered users, most poles have an average of 15 votes. Seems pointless in this format. Some sort of encouragement from Graphisoft needed for users to vote.
If a multi window environment in AC does not update automatically, then what is the point? I've worked Revit and AC. Gotta say that Revit works very well with this function as it updates all windows that are open when you work on them. Love it as it is really helpful.