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By rwallis
I assume you mean multiple live windows as in some modelling software = see your edits in your working window live update in other views(?).
Being an older program it has not been written to utilise some modern programming techniques that allow concurrent multiple window updates. It has been justified in the past that it would slow the software too much. (I have heard Revit - which does what you want - does suffer when large files are used - however I suspect that has more to do with all the live relationships that must be maintained on the fly when editing a model).

So if you have dual monitors the second one really becomes useful for palettes, or other software you might be using at the same time. For archicad I generally would prefer a massive monitor over a dual setup - tho dual setup is good when working on two files...
By krzystoff
one big flaw with Revit is a lack of multiple monitor support. yes you can stretch the whole program window across your screens, but if you click maximize it reverts to a single screen. it also lacks any snap to window border ability, even with Windows 7, and window tiling just ignores the screen edges and works as if you had a single monitor -- ie. it's pretty crap, as it is with AC.

it seems that there is not enough noise being made by the millions of multi-monitor users, but given that two screens are more productive than one for any design software and the cost to setup is 1/3~1/2 of a single large monitor, there's no argument for not implementing it.
By peter_h
I use 4 monitors in a T shape, with all monitors pretty much angled perpendicular to my head. It's awesome, and I'd never go back!
I have the AC parent window stretched across the top three screens, with (generally) 3D window on left, floor plan+details on middle, sections+layouts on right... and all sorts of palettes open on the lower monitor, including Project Map+Organizer(Views+Layouts) constantly open.

However, it's so frustrating that AC is not multi-monitor aware and hence doesn't remember my layout of all these windows when opening a project. Only some palettes appear in their remembered place.
By henryL
This wish needs a big up. This is an essential feature for a competitive 2018 software.
By Bricklyne Clarence
Another big up and bump for this issue, which I've raised in other areas and forums as well.

It's worth noting that as of my writing this post, the latest versions of Revit, Vectorworks and AllPlan are ALL multi-monitor aware and capable now.

GPU and Video graphics card technology have caught up with and overtaken the Software side of things to the degree that now it's the software that holds back the hardware, so really there's not excuse at this point in time for Graphisoft not to implement this feature in on of the next couple of versions at the very least.

ArchiCAD used to be a pioneer in getting to take advantage of new technology first (like multi-core processing in CPU's).
Nowadays it seems they're just constantly playing catch-up to their competitors.

It's not a good look.