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By kittonian
We work with a lot of different manufacturers and have created quite a few surfaces as the years have gone on. Now the list is simply too large to be able to find anything with ease. Without creating and modifying separate Library files, is it possible to better organize all these surfaces in the project?

For example, I would love to be able to create folder/subfolders for our surfaces. For example:

Tile -> Indoor -> Manufacturer -> Collection -> Surface1
Tile -> Indoor -> Manufacturer -> Collection -> Surface2
Tile -> Indoor -> Manufacturer -> Collection -> Surface3

This way, when I go to choose a surface, and I know I want a tile, I can simply go to the tile folder and see its contents.

Sounds like a wish to me since this is not possible at the moment.
I have moved it to the Wishes forums and added a poll.
Actually, this could apply to other attributes as well, not only Surfaces.
Fills, Composites, Complex Profiles, could all benefit from the ability to organize attributes into folders.
And of course, if there are so many attributes, quick search capabilities would also be useful.
By kittonian
I didn't know if it was somehow possible or not, that's why I was asking, but sure, it's definitely a wish.

I saw what looked like a possibility on another post, suggesting that if I export each surface to a GSM and then create a custom library, that will be organized into folders, but I just tried it and it doesn't work. I replied in that thread to get clarification but of course the thread is 4 years old so who knows, lol.

We are doing a tile design throughout a very large residence and I have 90 surfaces I need to create today that adds to the already huge amount of surfaces in this project. I have no idea how that's going to work when there is no organization.
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By Lingwisyer
So far I have gotten around this in regard to composites by using numbered groups with a placeholder composite acting as a header for each group. It works ok for now, but I do not have a crazy amount of composites either...