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Is a Model Filter View Option Usefull?

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By Braza
Edit: I have made a considerable modification to this whish, which is described here.

Hi There,

Now that AC23 is announced, I'd like to make ARCHICAD Design team´s life easy for the next year and wish just One feature for AC24.

I would call it "Property Filter View Option".

I'm sure this wish alone could fulfill lots of standing wishes of us ARCHICAD users.

I think it is quite easy to implement, as it could use existing routines in the Schedule Scheme Settings Dialogs.

Basically, you could filter your views to only show elements with a defined logical criteria. Which IMO is way better than handle it with layers and layer combinations.

AC_Property Filter_Criteria.jpg
AC_Property Filter_Criteria.jpg (104.09 KiB) Viewed 2857 times
AC_Property Filter_Selected Elements.jpg
AC_Property Filter_Selected Elements.jpg (165.77 KiB) Viewed 2857 times

Some View Options would become obsolete.

AC_Property Filter_Quick Options_Old.jpg
AC_Property Filter_Quick Options_Old.jpg (11.93 KiB) Viewed 2857 times
AC_Property Filter_Quick Options_New.jpg
AC_Property Filter_Quick Options_New.jpg (10.28 KiB) Viewed 2857 times

Think about Project Phases, Renovation, Drastically Reduce the number of Layers, etc.


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By LaszloNagy
Are you coming from Revit?
This feature request sound to me like View Filters in Revit.
Anyway, I think such a functionality was discussed before, and the easiest solution would be to enable Graphic Overrides to hide elements meeting a specified Override Criteria. Such a functionality would be welcome by me.
By Braza
Hi Laszlo,

No I'm not coming from Revit. My brain is too old for this... :)

Since Graphisoft start developing its "properties/calculation features", it Just seems to me the logical and simple way to deal with some long standing wishes using already existent resources.

Of course I'm not expecting it for AC24... :mrgreen:

Let's see if Nemetchek will stop for a while dragging down ARCHICAD core development by attaching it to other product families... I know it is a good business move, but it still a pain in the arse for us.

But anyway... I think that this feature alone could be a game change for Graphisoft.


By DGSketcher
I'm sitting on the fence with this. As much as I can see the 3D filters being useful alternative to modelling with layers, we are still left with the documentation issue which only really works with layers. IIRC AC was originally split between modelling & publishing and Sketchup has gone through the same process that ends up with an amalgamation of 3D modelling views which are then passed to a 2D environment with layers for documentation. If you are looking to remove layers from the documentation process I don't think it would work. It could even complicate the situation as in Navigator you would need a 3D Model View Map as well as a 2D View Map for annotation before passing the 2D results to Layouts. How do you see your wish operating with the documenting process?
By Braza
Property Filter View Option could work on both 2d and 3d.
Most of Archicad elements (for documenting and modeling) can have properties assigned. If I remember well only Figure, Drawing, Section, Detail, Worksheet and Camera Tools can't have properties assigned.
I can't see any technical/programming issue in adding property capabilities to these tools. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Documenting elements could be filtered, as per view, the same way as modeling elements.
It could even complicate the situation as in Navigator you would need a 3D Model View Map
as well as a 2D View Map for annotation before passing the 2D results to Layouts.

I can't see any problem/conflict in Navigator, as each View and Project Map could have their own "Property Filter". Could you describe a working situation?
By Braza
And by the way...

Property Filters could be applied to Complex Profiles, by assigning properties to Building Material fills. 8)
By DGSketcher
Details & Worksheets create independent 2D data and as a consequence loose significant associations with the model data e.g. a wall will become a brick material fill. Do you then have to create new data to manage the 2D view? If the fills inherit the original properties / categories of the wall then that would be helpful.

You are asking a lot of GS and such matters need to evolve to work with legacy data which may be 10 or more years old. Those old elements won't have property data and therefore will need the layer system if AC is to display the information correctly on opening without someone spending days or even weeks updating each element.

As a first step you need to persuade GS of the benefits of a Property Filter and add it to either the Model Display option or as Laszlo suggested Graphic Overrides, although I think the latter can already be a challenging management exercise without adding property filters. Filtering the model by properties / categories in plan, section & elevation has much appeal but equally you may find the filtering process to be no less complicated than layers given the number of possible categories & properties that could be used to describe a single element. Have you considered data reliability in your assessment e.g. how easy is it to find an object that is misdescribed and therefore fails the filter display criteria? Would you even realise a critical beam was missing because a property value was not set?
By Braza
Sure 2d elements should inherit original properties.

For legacy matters, all elements (2d or 3d) should have at least one Property that can be called "Layer" in wich there is an "Archicad Layer" by default that can't be deleted, but you can add more itens in a dropdown list checkbox. Old project can be acessed by converting "Layer" to "Property Layer".

The current layer system, is a binary one. You have to choose what you want to see, and what you don't want to see for each Project and View Map. The logic of a Property Filtering system is much more advanced than this. For a simple example: I can create a Property called "View Maps Property", that could list all the available View Maps on the project with a dropdown checklist in wich I could check all the View Maps I'd like that element to be seen.
Then I'd create a Property Filter for each View Map that would Select All Elements that its "View Maps Property" contains "Current View Map". The power of a Property Filtering system is endless and can suit all the user possible needs.

IMHO Graphic Overrides must be kept doing what it does best. Wich is: Graphic Overrides. Not visibility control. Adding a visibility control to GO would add another level of mess that Renovation and Parcial Structure Views already are.

We already have misdescribed elements in the current Layer system. Misdescribed elements are just matter of Project hygiene.

But anyway... I am not trying to persuade GS... It is just a sugestion. :wink: