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Is a Model Filter View Option Usefull?

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By DGSketcher
There is another option which wouldn't take much effort by GS to implement, although it may not meet your filtering expectations and that would be to remove the "Binary" status of the renovation filter and allow for objects to appear in multiple renovation settings. This would simultaneously remove some of the phasing frustration that has been mentioned elsewhere but it would also be adaptable to allow for property filtering. The user can use a saved "Find and Select" for filtering by property and then simply assign the appropriate renovation status for those objects to be displayed. How does that sound?
By Braza
It would work. But honestly... It's not what I would expect from a company that is commited to be the number one on the market.

No offence... Your solution is functional but it would always be like a "Silver Tape" on a leaking pipe in a combustion diesel engine.

I think that a Property Filter View Option could be the "Unified Theory" of project documentation.
By Braza
Ok. It has passed a year since I have posted this long time whish (Which is also very known in the community), and I would like to present some improvements to the original idea.

Initially, I proposed a Property Filtering System in alternative to the outdated Layer System. And I came to the conclusion, that this Filtering System could be applied not only to properties, but to all Elements within Archicad.

So. Now I propose the creation of what I call "Model Filter View Options" Settings Dialog Box. It would be similar to the Graphic Override Settings Dialog Box, in which we could create Combinations and Rules. The main goal to this approach would be to completely eliminate the existent Layer Settings Dialog Box (Which have the Lock/Unlock, Solid/Wireframe and Intersection Group Number that are still essential for the project workflow), but also allowing to manage legacy issues. I also remember that this solution would demand that each and every 2d/3d element in Archicad could have Properties assigned and a Layer Property would be standard and undeletable to each element. As you can see in the illustration, the Lock/Unlock, Solid/Wireframe and Intersection Group Number would be assigned at a Rule Level in the Filter Combination Dialog Box. This approach would also eliminate the Renovation and Partial Structure Dislplay Pallet, as the Renovation Status and Structure Function would be other standard non delectable property like Layers.

Basically these are the new ideas to this whish IMO, which along with a Dedicated Shared Resource File, is the crucial improvements that Archicad need at the moment.

I will maintain the Poll with the votes as they are, because I think that the essence of the whish is still the same. But I will put a note on the first post linking to this one just for update reasons. (Edit: Well... it seems that if you change the Title of the Poll it automatically reinitiate the vote count. Which is logical. :wink: )

All comments are appreciated. :)

Filter Combination Dialog Bom
Filter Combination Dialog Bom
Filter Combination.jpg (42.08 KiB) Viewed 559 times
Filter Rules Dialog Box
Filter Rules Dialog Box
Filter Rules.jpg (46.93 KiB) Viewed 590 times
New Quick Options Pallet.jpg
New Quick Options Pallet.jpg (7.98 KiB) Viewed 590 times
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By DGSketcher
@Paulo, I think you may be hitting the developers brick wall now. I can see how classifications should play an important part in the model display. How that is implemented will come down to GS who I would hope have a better handle on their data structure and roadmap than you or I. It is good to keep the idea alive, but I think we know that you can tell GS something isn't as it should be and if they feel like it they will implement their own solution and ignore consequential user problems anyway.
By Braza
Yes. Another tricky whish. It won't be long until GS kick me out of here. :)
I revisited this whish after this post by Tim Ball. I agree with the idea of assigning data at a Building Material level. And with a Model Filter View Option, it would be the documentation nirvana.
By jan.filipec
God yes, we need this SO much. What the hell are layers doing in a BIM software in 2020?
We define the building geometry and add data to the geometry and we simply need the resulting drawing to reflect the data we defined - filter what we see according to it's parameters and style it, again according to it's parameters. It's as trivial as that.
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By vazkez
Thanks Braza for developing and elaborating this wish in details. In my opinion it is crucially important. Limitations of layers and layer sets do not allow to manage and document BIM model in ArchiCAD enough effectively. However I would make this functionality parallel to existing layers system instead of making a replacement. That would leave decision to user which system to use (it is a new level of complication not everyone is willing to accept) and also would make exporting to other formats that use layers system less complicated.