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Is Property Filter View Option Usefull?

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By DGSketcher
There is another option which wouldn't take much effort by GS to implement, although it may not meet your filtering expectations and that would be to remove the "Binary" status of the renovation filter and allow for objects to appear in multiple renovation settings. This would simultaneously remove some of the phasing frustration that has been mentioned elsewhere but it would also be adaptable to allow for property filtering. The user can use a saved "Find and Select" for filtering by property and then simply assign the appropriate renovation status for those objects to be displayed. How does that sound?
By Braza
It would work. But honestly... It's not what I would expect from a company that is commited to be the number one on the market.

No offence... Your solution is functional but it would always be like a "Silver Tape" on a leaking pipe in a combustion diesel engine.

I think that a Property Filter View Option could be the "Unified Theory" of project documentation.