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I'd like to be able to enter simple expressions such as "=1234 * 12" or "=345 + 2048", etc., anywhere where numerical input is expected. These expressions would then be evaluated to generate the final input.

The expression "language" should handle all basic operators (+, - , *, /) as well as parenthesis to ensure correct precedence of operators.
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I would think that having it accept multiple inputs at once would require extensive reprogramming unless there is already some calculator macro programmed somewhere... Same as allowing it within the parameter input dialogues... On the other hand, there is already the functionality to use single addition or subtraction when modifying via hotspots. Expanding this to allow single multiplication or division would be plenty.

I don't think that this would require extensive reprogramming. All numerical inputs already filter out characters that are not numeric, i.e. they won't let you enter non-numbers, except for the "-" symbol. All that is required is to allow the entered string to begin with the "=" symbol, which can then be interpreted as an expression to be evaluated. It's a pretty simple enhancement that would save loads of time.
You can add and subtract now by overwriting the value.
i.e. type 300+ to add 300 to the figure, or 300- to subtract 300.
It might be a double -- (i.e. 300--) if you are an imperial unit user - I am not sure as I am metric.

Unfortunately it does not work for multiplication or division.