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I know it isn't as easy as what I am saying/typing, but I would like to start the conversation on it at least. If possible, it would be incredible if doors/windows had custom profile frames (header, sills and jambs) similar to other parts in the ArchiCAD. AC sections have definitely come along way with the evolutions of complex profiles and this, in my opinion, would be another huge step for saving time in detailing.

Hopefully I explain what I am thinking here.... :D

Possibly still have the level of detail for 2d and/or elevation options... Similar to complex profiles now, it could have a "Massing" option similar to "Opening Reference" so that a polyline rectangle would determine width/height of the simple level.

I agree, this would be both useful and desirable.
(I have created a Poll for this Wish. Unfortunately, in the new forum Polls are not created automatically, they need to be created manually when posting.)
It is possible now but it would be an awful lot of work to make the current doors and windows compatible.
In fact the detail has always been possible - just not with using custom complex profiles.

GDL object now have the ability to use complex profiles so it would be possible to script door and window frames to use these profiles.
The object can also be scale sensitive so at a low scale the profile could be a simple box instead of the actual profile and only when larger than a particular scale would you see the true profile.

As I say it would be a lot of work - especially setting the objects up to mitre the different profiles at the corners.
At the moment most frames would simply be a PRISM_ with holes cut in it for glass or sashes.

Thanks for the input, this was the project that got mind mind churning on the idea. I use complex profiles like a mad man and I had to turn the windows off in the MVO to achieve the look I was after.
As a workaround, you could place empty opening and fill them with the curtain wall tool. You can define custom profiles for this. Allthough the curtain wall tool itself is not without problems either.

During the recession we were asked to do some 3D rendered principal details for a manufacturer of prefab dormer windows. I was working with the typical UPVC window frames you'd see there and indeed getting the joints to clean up / mitre was a pain in the behind.

For the section you show I'd probably patch over with 2D object too. In metric land I'd say it is a 1:20 scale section. Typically we do not go beyond 1:50, which pretty much makes things smalle than 5-10 mm hard to notice after you factor in pen weight. 1:5 details in 2D take care of the rest.