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I work for the San Diego Zoo and do all our Schematic Design in ArchiCAD. As such we have large sites with allot of landscape elements (plants, trash cans, Benches, Stairs, handrails, play elements) that I place on the mesh using the gravity tool. The thing that frustrates me is as I continue to develop the site plan and move contour lines to fine grade the site the objects remain in the original location. What I wish is that a library part elevation can be linked to the object the same way the elevation marker is linked so as I change the contour elevations all my plants, site elements will follow the referenced surface. This association would save me so much time in adjusting elevations of objects after we adjust the site for ADA slopes and fine grading through the rest of the design process.
Not really an Archicad discussion so I moved this post to the wishes forum.


I was wondering if this adjustment in element elevations could be achieved using the Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Connection. You would know where each object is, you could get the top surface of an ARCHICAD Mesh in Grasshopper, Grasshopper could calculate the Mesh surface elevation at the position of each element and reposition the elements to be located on the surface of the Mesh.
This is theory, but GH-AC may be able to do it.
well ... actually I think the tecnology is already there. Levels - associated to a mesh as well as those ones associated to slabs - updated automatically so what we only need is just a "link" between objects/elements ... such as "linking tecnology" would enhance the BIM Spirit of the programa and speed up certain routine operations.