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By todork
Despite the very impressive development of Curtain wall tool it still is not able to make conical glazing. This feature has already been proposed and probably considered as inimportant or too complicated to realize. If so, why not to continue the development of good old ARCHIGLAZING - simpler, faster - and able to do cones - for the latest and future versions of Archicad? This would be a modest step closer to artistic freedom like, say, James Stirling's Neue Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart, which is still impossible to model in Archicad.

Or, finally accept the challenge in Curtain wall tool - not only for cones but for some double curvature sufaces?
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By Erwin Edel
Think the current suggested path for 'oddball' (no offense intended) shapes is the grasshoper + rhino thing.

That would probably still use the tools you mentioned to make an assembly, but it would be driven by the cone shape from Rhino through Grasshopper.

Zero experience with this. Our glazing panels are all flat :lol: