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We need to have types in Archicad :
Types are a way to easily and precisely handle a big number of identical occurences of a repetitive element.

If you define a window type for your project, with a defined size and a precise set of properties, you should be able to easy edit this type. It is not the case actually (yes you can select elements in 3D or in a schedule and modify them : it is not a satisfying answer to this wish, it is only a temporary and imperfect solution).

Favorites are not far away from this. A way of integrating types into Archicad would be to be able to "lock" parameters and properties in favorites. We could then be able to define types that are more or less flexible and efficiently propagate types modifications in a project.
No need for a new tool and it would give us flexibility. You can only "lock" what you want. So you could define a favorite for a window type with all it's properties entered but let the ability to change it's size.

It would be a game changer for our productivity.
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By ejrolon
Disagree, since you can do this since forever.
Right now you can add a property for type to any object and you can define a "Find and Select" rule with those parameters so that as long as you select all those objects in the 3D Window then you can group edit them.
This is less resource intensive than the overheads of having "linked types" and more flexible IMO.
I would like there to be an extra button on the Find & Select dialogue. One for "Add all relevant parameters" or a "Select all identical". At the moment, you sometimes end up having to add quite a few parameters and they change between object types with the invalid ones disappearing. You also cannot select by sub-object which is sometimes the easiest differentiator...