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By Steve Jepson
Use the Object Beams like M Beams 21, Joist Beam 21, I Joist 21 ?

Would a person even need the Beam Tool since we have so many object Beams already?
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By Barry Kelly
I only have the Joist Beam 21 in the AUS library and this has the background fill.

The problem with objects is they don't interact (trim) with each other or other elements.
So no mitred corners or trimmed columns or holes punched in walls automatically.

By jameshart
This has always been annoying, but today it's actually a problem:

We modeled this important historic terrazzo base as a beam with a complex profile (which worked great) and now we are cutting a few holes for new doors. The sections of terrazzo to be demolished get the proper dashed linetype but are NOT highlighted with a red fill (as every other demo item is) because beams do not have cover fills. So now we have to go manually add fills behind every instance where there is terrazzo base being demolished. :/

+1 essential vote from me!
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By MrC
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By ryejuan

It never occurred to me that I'll be needing this background fill for a BEAM usually we can do a workaround like put fills, but most of the times the changes are really spot on and you really want to save time if you know what I mean.

Also this post started at 2007 and they have never addressed this? :(
Toronto is a concrete town and so the convention for concrete structure framing plans from our structural engineers shows them on the underside of the current storey - not above.

Placing "beams" using the "Beam" tool is brought with workarounds in order to have them display properly in the various plan forms we output for documents. Fills would help, but more control over the floors they are visible on would be a boost as well.

Sloped Beams also need additional parameters for input: the same ones as roofs please: rise/run AND %.
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By ryejuan
ArchiCAD 23 is coming out soon hopefully they have manage to add this functionality to it. It's really annoying having to spend too much time adding fills to complex profiles of beams specially when your about to do construction drawings that needed to be represented correctly. :roll: :shock:
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