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By johncassel
I've been struggling with the problem of no cover fill in the Beam Tool. When I couldn't get overlapping joist to block out beams below using the Beam Tool I resorted to using the Joist Beam library part.
Similarly, I use the Roof Tool to create pitched roof rafters and purlins where needed.
This problem combined with the problem that beams do not display the X (for beams and joists) or / (for blocking) in the section view leaves me wonder what good is the beam tool.
I'm surprised to see these features not fixed in ArchiCAD v15.

I like the fact that the Beam Joist tool can show the X and / marks in sections view. This saves a 2D step that should be automatic (IMHO) in the Beam Tool.
The problem have with the Joist Beam library part is that it somehow gets unstable and difficult to select. This especially happens late at night when I'm on a tight deadline.

Please let me know if there is a more elegant or more effective way to model beams, joists, rafters and purlins so they show up properly in all of the 2D views.

My vote goes to this being an extremely important feature to fix in ArchiCAD. Seeing the number of very experienced ArchiCAD consultants asking for it for such a long time makes me wonder why this has not already been fixed.
beam and joist solution.png
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By johncassel
Here is my solution for using the Roof Tool to create 3D rafters and purlins that show up properly in the plan view. Unfortunately, when I use the Roof Tool for framing members I still need to apply a 2D X or / in the section view.
I'd rather be surfing than doing 2D work in "one of the most advanced 3D BIM CAD programs on the planet". ;-)
roof rafter and purlin solution.jpg
By Tim Tessier
Cover fills on beams are critical for generating ceiling plans! I increasingly use complex profiles as beams for many elements in a project. We need to accomplish as much as possible with 3D tools rather than having to patch things up with 2D fills and lines in plan. The roof tool works OK unless you want complex profiles. We also need beams to show as solid or dashed in the Model View Options for times when we want them to show as dashed on the floor plan but solid on the ceiling plans.
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By Geoff Briggs
Like the OP I'm modeling a pergola and came a-searchin hoping that after so many years fighting this I might find a better way. Just bloody depressing.
By Gary Lawes
Would I be right in thinking this is still a limitation in R16?

I must confess I do not use the beam tool due to its 2D limitations, which is a shame as it should be a usable tool.

But just checked it out on R16 and I am still finding it difficult to generate anything meaningful in 2D - I just get the centreline. Or am I missing something?
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By David Maudlin
Gary Lawes wrote:But just checked it out on R16 and I am still finding it difficult to generate anything meaningful in 2D - I just get the centreline. Or am I missing something?
Check your Model View Options > Options for Construction Elements > Show Beam As:

By Gary Lawes
Thanks David,
Never thought to try it, sure takes a lot of effort to try to get into the mind of a GS interface designer!
Still no 2D fills!!
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By Geof Gainer
My ideal beam would be one with cover fill, along with a cut symbol in sections -- indicating blocking, continuous or finish.

That's been discussed on other forums. Similarly simple to achieve, similarly forever in the making.
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