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By Geof Gainer
This thread is more than seven years old. Version 18 here, still no beam cover fill. Vote on this:

There's no beam fill because…
A. GS is a great company that just hasn't gotten around to a few simple fixes.
B. GS is an evil genius that's holding off on a few fixes so we'll keep buying the upgrades.
C. There's actually a genuine technical reason that beams can't have a cover fill.
D. I actually died a while back, woke up in what I haven't realized is hell, and beams still don't have a cover fill as some sort of cruel punishment.
This is ridiculous Graphisoft.

How many years has this request been out there and not even one reply from you, let alone a fix to this fairly painful tool.

By luciant
If enabling beams with cover fill ability is technically impossible please let us know so we can simply accept it and move on. Thanks.
By dv_chris
Coming up to 9 years since the first post of this simple, fundamental, request (April 2007).

This one slows me down (still) for EVERY SINGLE PROJECT.
I think the biggest single reason it's important (as mentioned by other commenters) is because of the usefulness of sloped beams with complex profiles for many purposes other than actual beams. Street kerbs, raked mouldings, etc.
Using a morph won't be the same until you can associate a morph with a complex profile and have all the morphs automatically update everywhere when that profile is changed.
(Do that, and I won't complain about the beam tool so much!)
hi all,

anyone knows news about that topic ?

beam with fill would make a lot easier also in our modeling methods!

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By clifton
Since Complex Profiles can be applied to Walls, I am now using walls when I do not need to to use the angled functions of the beam tool.
By ESP182
2007 was when this thread was started, and still no fill? I saw that making a morph for a beam, since those have fill capabilities. Nothing for the beam yet? Please GS throw this thread a bone and make it happen :)
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By Stress Co.
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