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By rooscooter
We have been using AC as our primary CAD platform since the early 90's (AC 4.0) and have been disappointed at the pace of development of the library objects in relation to the balance of the product. Our practice concentrates on institutional building types with hospitals and related buildings making up 90% of our practice. These building types employ widely used (in the US) "hollow metal" frames for both doors and interior relites.

About AC 10 the Commercial Metal door object included an option for a realistic representation of a single or double rabbited HM door frame, however the only option for the door leaf is a metal door. The window objects do not have a matching interior frame that can be used to give a realistic 2D representation of interior relites typically used in School and Hospital construction. Additionally, the Metal door objects do not have an option for double egress doors with the HM frame (at least that I can find). Again not an uncommon instance in these types of building.

Any feed back and/or help is appreciated.
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By ksymons19
rooscooter wrote:...however the only option for the door leaf is a metal door.
For this particular issue you are having: are you able to create a custom door component and use the custom door panel option for this library? I believe creating and saving as a custom component option was introduced in AC10 as I remember making custom panels for our residential garage doors back then.

P.S. - you can vote in your own poll :wink:
By rooscooter
I appreciate the tip/workaround.

In the future I hope that the developers include doors and windows for their virtual building program that correspond to real building components.

Doors and Windows aren't the only example of our frustration with the library. The included detail components have been largely unchanged since 1995 (the old MS Detailer).

Useful components for detailing brick, CMU, light gauge metal studs, aluminum window frames and cabinets would be a tremendous help. These are offered in a few aftermarket add-ons, however they are usually directed at the residential and Type V building types and are based on metric units/standards.
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By Da3dalus
I think this is still a valid Wishlist. I think the Library needs some evolution. The last several years have seen more consistency in the doors and windows, especially the UI, but the actual geometry has not changed.

My biggest complaint is the lack of any wall-wrapping hollow metal or knock-down frame types in the Window tool at all, as has been added to doors. As noted below, this is a staple of American institutional architecture. The "Metal" Windows in the 21 library are all based on a facing-angle box type of frame that hasn't been used here since the 70's. We generally modify the "Wood" Windows, mainly the Ribbon, to simulate this look. For multiple vertical panes, we have to use the Storefront (which doesn't have stops) or Fixed MU, which is impossible to make the inside mullions form a simple 2"x5" box. Very frustrating.

There are quite a few manufacturer libraries popping up now, but many have proprietary parameters, and most are very European-specific. I would much rather have simple options in the native library for generic construction.
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By Aaron Bourgoin
Chuck, I think there should be a separate AC-Talk section on this forum for "Staples of (North) American Architecture".
By rick
Our office has needed a simple fixed hollow metal interior view window object with wrap around frame for years(since 2010). I have brought this up with our sales rep(s) and technical support. The problem is that archicad lets requests and needs flounder in forums like this with users discussing among ourselves instead of improving. Archicad needs a direct request line for us to ask for improvements, then acknowledge and post requests so we can see they are least listening to their customers. Improving archicad is more important than adding emoji to the forum response.