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Modeling (Wall, Door, Window, Roof, Stair...), Favorites...

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Steve Jepson wrote:What kind of drawings would you want to annotate relative to more than Seal Level, Datum, or Project Zero ?
For instance:
If you want your model to be useful for construction purposes (and not only for producing design drawings) then you have to model each floor referenced to the structural slab height (everything above slab height belongs to that floor), but you also want to produce drawings referenced to the floor finished height (for instance, the height of the window sills, or the ceiling, are documented relating to the floor finish). So, you have some plan views where you want to show heights of elements of each floor referenced to the structural slab (which is build first) and then you have other elements that have to be referenced to the floor finish height.
That means that you need, at least, a reference level for each floor.
Could this become part of a bigger clean-up of Reference Levels and Storey Levels. Something that would accommodate more complex buildings - split levels, multi-tower buildings or things like below-grade parking levels that span more than one storey (e.g. a corkscrew ramped structure).

Maybe Storey Levels that are secondary, or levels inherited from hotlinks.